Monday, May 19, 2014


This week was really interesting.  It started off with an emergency transfer on Monday night.  Elder Queiroz left Lagoa, and I got a new companion, Elder Aguiar.  He is from São Paulo and is 4 months out on the mission.  I'm excited to have him as my companion.  He is a goofy guy and super forward with people.  I think he just enjoys calling everyone to repentance.

We had a funny experience this week.  We are teaching a great family who is liking the lessons and the Book of Mormon.  The dad, Marcelo, has a soccer "project" where he coaches about forty  18 year olds for free so that the can maybe go pro one day (Every Brazilian's Dream).  He invited us to come to his practice and give the message of the restoration to all the players.  I was getting pumped up all day to teach this huge group of guys about the gospel!  I kept imagining the apostle Paul teaching the multitudes.  When we got there, everyone looked at us wide eyed.  They started shaking our hands and introducing themselves to us.  I was thinking, "Wow, these guys are great...we're going to have about 30 investigators in church on Sunday!"  but then I realized..."they think we are soccer recruiters!" All the players were running around, kicking the ball like crazy to show off to us.  We just sat there and watched the show haha.  After, Marcelo introduced us to the team as the "pastors who are helping my family."  The players were a little disappointed but the lesson went well.  There will be a group of them going to visit our church next Sunday!

I hope you have a great week.  Missionary work is great.

Love, Elder Marsh

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