Monday, August 4, 2014

Meeting With President

This week was way cool.  We had a meeting with president this week that was very inspirational.  I have no doubt that church leaders receive their callings by revelation.  

President talked a lot about how we can do better.  Everyone is capable of improvement.  He told us that we need to take care of what we can, and the Lord will take care of the rest.  I love it.  It’s so true.  In the mission we dent have any control over the people we teach because everyone has their free agency.  But we have control over what we do every day.  We need to be obedient and desire to serve.  We can show this desire and our faith by talking with everyone that we see in the street and inviting everyone to learn about the church and be baptized.  If we do what we can the lord will bless us with more than we can imagine.  I’ve seen it happen.  Sometimes we just need to leave our comfort zone and "try a little harder to be a little better."

He also talked a lot about the "miracle of baptism."  I’ve thought about this often these day and have been trying to understand this miracle.  When we look at a baptism objectively, the person enters into the water and then comes back up all wet.  If we look at it spiritually, it is so much more.  The person symbolically has died and has been born again, leaving all of their sins and impurities in the water.  How does that happen?  It really is a miracle!  It must be done with the proper authority of God or it counts for nothing. We have been teaching lots of people about this and their understanding has grown a lot.  Recently, we taught a man named Jeramias about this.  After, he told us, "That makes sense.  I'd be baptized 100 times if I needed to do it right." Hopefully, he'll be baptized on Saturday.

I love the mission.  It’s so fun and so rewarding.  I know that the Lord is in charge and does miracles every day.

Elder Marsh


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