Saturday, March 7, 2015

Picture of Winston

First of all, Happy Birthday Dad!

Baptism of Winston
I think I should tell you the end of the story of Winston. So, we actually got to meet him personally on Saturday night.  We met up with him in the church a couple hours before his baptism to make sure that everything was just good to go.  He is a businessman who travels a lot and lives in many cities depending on the time of year. His house is here in BH but he has another home near Espirito Santo, which is about 9 hours away where he usually goes to church when he isn’t here or travelling. His wife is a member for 13 years, and he had been investigating the church for that whole time. Look how crazy this miracle is: He had received all of the institute manuals from the church and decided that he would be baptized after reading all of them (those books are huge and that would take like 5 more years), but then someone told him, "If you get baptized, you'll receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and you'll understand those books better." That's when he called our bishop and asked if he could be baptized HERE in BH. Why? He didn’t really know why he felt he wanted to be baptized here, but he traveled 9 hours from where he was and was baptized and confirmed and then gave us a hug, thanked us, and went back to where he came from. It was like a dream come true.

Sunday was another miracle. We had 7 investigators at church! One is an awesome family who is so excited about the gospel and love the problem though.  Their 13 year old son who went to church too has been missing since Tuesday.  Obviously, they are very worried about the situation. Please pray for Christian to come home soon. 

On Wednesday we had the leadership counsel meeting.  I gave a training on how to do splits with other missionaries. I compared the leaders to lifeguards. One of their responsibilities is to watch the missionaries that they take care of and if they show signs of trouble or start to struggle, the leader has to dive in and rescue that missionary and their area before they go all the way under. But to be a lifeguard, you have to know swim first!

I love you guys,

Elder Marsh

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