Friday, June 21, 2013

Week 2

Dear Mom,
This week has been pretty good. It went by so so so fast. Everything is just a blur.  Writing in my journal is so hard now because I can never remember if what I wanted to write about happened that day or the day before. This past Tuesday the devotional speaker was Elder Gay of the seventy.  I thought I recognized him from one of the steak conferences. Ask dad about him.  Everyone is really excited for the big broadcast in a couple days.  It's going to be great.

This Wednesday was fun because a lot of new Elders and Sisters came into the MTC.  Elder Nathan Golightly is here somewhere, but I haven't seen him yet, and Elder Zach Labrum is in my zone.  That's sweet because that means we'll have PE times and meal times together. 

I just got Chris's letter on Monday.  I'm sending one back today so look for it in the mail.

I've started playing soccer outside during the PE times.  Yesterday I scored 2 goals, so I'm ready for Brazil I think.  Portuguese is coming well now.  Eu nao falo bem mas eu posso ensinar as liçaoes com o Espito Santo e oriçao.  I think that is right....I have the whole first vision memorized in Portuguese also which is handy during lessons.

That's really cool that Dad and Chris went down to Saint George for fathers' day.  A whole district of Brazilian Missionaries just got reasigned to Saint George.  Maybe if that happens to me I'll have to do some tracking in Sun River!

There is a stomach bug going around the MTC.  I got it Tuesday night.... it was sooooo bad.  I threw up 5 times and then fell asleep in the hallway.  I ended up just sleeping until noon.  I feel great now though!
I can't send pictures right now for some reason so I'll try again later.

Overall, everything is great here! I love it.  Sitting in class all day doesn't sound fun, but trust me it is somehow! I love you guys!

Elder Jordan Marsh

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