Friday, June 28, 2013

Week 3

So this week has been way awesome.  The devotional was super cool.  The spirit was so strong in there with all those general authorities.  If you didn't see me on the video. I'm wearing an orange tie and am very hard to spot haha.  This past Tuesday I finished the Book of Mormon. It only took 3 weeks to read. I've never finished it so quickly before.  My favorite scripture is 3 Nephi 5:13.  It's basically the purpose of a missionary!  On Wednesday, I met with Elder Evans and his wife with Elder Scott and a few other Elders and Sisters he knew that were in the MTC.  You should get a picture from his wife of us and my companion.  He said that on Sunday morning, Elder Holland told him, "Today is the first day of the change of the church."  How cool is that!  We are catching the wave right now. 
So Portuguese is coming great.  We can give all the lessons comfortably without notes already which is awesome.  Unfortunately, I can't converse about anything else.  Yesterday, I got to be a pretend investigator for a demonstration lesson where two teachers taught me and my "sister" about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I couldn't understand all the Portuguese, but the spirit was so strong when they were teaching that I seriously wanted to be baptized all over again! 
I hope you have a great vacation. That sounds so so fun. I love you.

Elder Marsh

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