Friday, July 12, 2013

Reassignment Week 5

Dear Mom and Dad,

So I got the packages this week.  They were seriously so awesome! Thanks so much for sending all that stuff.  I've being eating more candy the past few days than I probably ever have in my life.  I really glad you had fun at Yellowstone.  I can't believe you go to see a wolf pack take down some prey! Mom I'm very impressed that you just stared down that bear and took a few pictures...that's some risky photography.  I'm sad I missed out on everything!

I forgot to tell you. Last week, Elder Lutz and I got the calling to be Missionary Portal Trainers.  It's kind of sweet because all we do is talk with the new districts and teach them about the computer programs we use.  Ironically, my mission portal doesn't work so I haven't actually been able to do any of it myself.

Ok so I just go my reassignment.  I'm going to the Idaho Pocatello Mission!  WHAT??  I'm really excited.  I leave at 7:30 am on Tuesday the 16th.   My flight leaves at 11:00 and I get in a little before 12:00. I'm allowed to call you from the airport from a pay phone so I was thinking we could talk for a little before my flight.  Are you going to be available?

This is so awesome!  I get to finally teach actual people.  Yesterday was infield orientation.  It is just a really cool day where all the best teachers get everyone excited and ready to serve. 





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