Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 Wake Forest Connection

Dear Family,

Yes, I got the side bag, it's great I love it.

I get an hour on the computer.

No word about the visa...I know you're not supposed to but can you find something out or just check everything is fine? Don't tell them I asked you to please haha.

Here are a couple pictures of beautiful Pocatello.

That's a door that we found. We wanted to get the first hobbit baptism. Nobody was home, so we'll stop by later.


That's my companion Elder Vigil who's from Kansas but definitely somewhere over the rainbow!  

This week went well. Way cool thing happened on Tuesday. We had gotten out of an appointment later than we planned, so we were racing to our other area so we wouldn't be late to our next one. We stopped for a second and realized that it didn't actually start for another hour so we turned around to visit someone who lived nearby. When we started in the other direction I saw a car that had a Wake Forest University sticker on it, and I made Elder Vigil stop so we could knock on the door. A girl answered who wasn't as excited as I was to see someone else from Winston-Salem. I asked her, "Are you a member of the church? I mean our church?" Kinda awkward because you forget that not everyone is a Mormon in Idaho sometimes. So we just shared a quick message of the restoration. She seemed really curios, and we left her a Book of Mormon. Maybe something will come of that...who knows?

On Thursday, we went to teach a member a short lesson, but we ended up inviting their nonmember roommate to sit in and taught the whole restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. He's super interested. We ended up teaching him three days in a row and have another lesson tomorrow. He's reading every day and praying, so hopefully he gets an answer soon. I know he will. That's Moroni's promise!

My companion just destroys bikes. I have no idea how he does it! Earlier this week we were just riding and his rear derailer somehow got jammed into the spokes which just wrecked the chain, the derailer, the spokes and somehow bent the wheel too. We borrowed another missionary’s bike and the kicked stand kept falling down, so he got off and started kicking the bike until it broke off. It was super funny to watch. Later that day, both his tires popped! I think we just need to get him a razor scooter.

My time is up, I love you,

Elder Marsh

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