Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013 Blessed for obedience

Hey thanks for all the letters. It sounds like everyone is doing great!  When is the next marathon mom and dad?  You are working hard it sounds like!  All your missionary work is awesome, mom! That's the kind of members missionaries love! We have a ton of returned missionaries that are always wanting to come on splits with us and they're super helpful.  
This week is going to be interesting.  ISU starts school on the 26th so one of the wards is about to explode! I can't wait for all the new potential investigators to move in.
Crazy thing happened on Tuesday.  Elder Vigil and I were sitting on our bikes in Old Town Pocatello checking our planners when this lady just busts out her front door and starts screaming, "I don't have sticky fingers!  I didn't steal the ring!"  She went on about this stuff for like 3 minutes and Elder Vigil and I were just starring at her shocked.  After she was done she ran back inside and slammed the door.  We laughed so hard afterwards.  
I went on splits for the first time this week.  I had some cool experiences with the other missionaries. We met a guy named Kenny who is a recovering drug addict.  When we walked in, he had no shirt on and neither did his two kids running around the house.  He doesn't have a job and his wife works everyday for about 10 hours to care for the family.  They have a rough situation.  They didn't have any chairs, so we sat on upside down 5 gallon buckets.  He told us that he had a rough childhood too. That when he was a baby teething, his parents would rub vodka on his gums to stop his crying.  He really wants to have a good life for his kids but he seems lost.  I hope the other missionaries can bring him to the church so that his family can be strengthened.
Later that day we met a lady named Becky who is trying to come back to activity.  A couple months ago she finally got a new job, but it made her work on Sundays.  She continued to read the scriptures and pray everyday for help and she eventually was blessed for her continued obedience.  This week she got a promotion after just a couple months and now she's the one who sets her schedule so she can attend church every Sunday like she wanted.  The Lord is so loving of his children.  
We found 5 new investigators this week.  Two of them have a baptismal date!  I haven't even met them yet though because Elder Vigil and Elder Arrowches found them on exchanges...I'm psyched to meet them tonight though!
This week we find out about exchanges so maybe I'll here about my visa who knows?  
I love you guys,
Elder Marsh

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