Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 5 Humility on P-day

September 30, 2013

This week was good as usual.  Today is p-day, which means one of the most humbling days of the week.  Almost every P-day, Elder Souza and I play soccer with two other Elders that live close by.  They are all Brazilian which means I don’t stand a chance. Every Brazilian is born with magic feet.  They make me feel like a giant uncoordinated American just running in circles.  I seriously look like a giant everywhere we go because I’m always standing next to elder Souza.  I’m about 8 inches taller than him and weigh almost 70 pounds more than he does.  He likes to call me "grande americano".  Two weeks ago we played ping pong in the church instead of soccer.  We didn’t have a net so we used hymnals instead.  It was pretty legit. We played for like 2 hours. I went all out and showed the elders that I’m not completely uncoordinated.  I have pictures but I forgot my camera.  I’ll send them next week. 
Yesterday it rained.  It really rained hard.  The roads were totally flooding while we were walking to church. You know how in the movies cars drive by and splash people with water?  That really does happen.  Two cars drove by us on the way to church and afterwards I was soaking wet from my waist down. 
Brazil gets better and better every day.  I can almost understand what people are saying now. That makes life much more fun.  I love speaking Portuguese too.  I’m really working on my accent because it’s kind of terrible.  Most people can understand me but sometimes I need Elder Souza to translate.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting because two different member families are bringing nonmembers to fhe so elder Souza and I are going to split up with members.  I get to give the entire lesson at fhe by myself so I’m praying everything goes well!
The members here are awesome.  Yesterday we had 4 investigators at church, and we were only expecting one of them.  The church is a long ways away from our area so it’s hard to get people to church some weekends.  The other 3 people were friends of the members that they wanted to bring to church.  We have lessons with all of the people this week too.  Members are what seriously make the difference.  We can work work work but lessons go so much better with members there, and the people love church when they have a friend, that’s not the missionaries, to sit with. 
I love working here.  I love the people and the church.  I love you all.

Elder Marsh



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