Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup Madness

School is officially on break until July.  Why? THE WORLD CUP.  It’s madness in Brazil when the "Seleção Brasileiro" is playing… We don’t get to watch the games but we definitely know what’s going on.  Loud explosions and high pitched cheering means that Brazil made a goal, and curse words coming from our neighbors’ homes means that the other team scored. We have to stay inside when Brazil is playing because it’s basically impossible to get inside someone’s house during the game.  Soccer is life for many people in brazil.  It’s really cool to see the people get excited about the games.  The streets get painted blue, yellow and green and the people hang flags over the streets.

Crazy World Cup Madness
That’s enough about soccer though.  What really matters is the missionary work right? This week was awesome.  We had lots of people in sacrament meeting who are progressing well.  I’m excited about a new family that we're teaching.  The mom's name is Andrea and she has 4 kids.  We found them when we were knocking on doors Friday. When we walked into the house their daughter told her mom,  "Hey ask them if I can be baptized!"  That’s just something that every missionary wants to hear. Her daughter is six so the answer is no but they went to church on Sunday!  They are fun to teach because they have lots of questions about the doctrine of the church: baptism, worship, sacrament, etc. It’s a challenge, but I enjoy trying to answer all their questions.  It helps to have a way smart companion too.

I included a picture here of a boy that we baptized after reactivating his family.  His name is Adam and he loves Naruto, a Japanese cartoon. He is 12 so he'll get the Aaronic Priesthood in a little bit.  The young men in our ward helped us out a lot to integrate Adam into the church.  It’s not easy to join the church or to return to activity...its almost impossible without a friend to help stay strong.

I love you,
Elder Marsh
Baptism of Adam with Elder Aguiar

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