Monday, July 21, 2014

Great Week

This week was great.  That family that we have been helping for a while now was baptized yesterday!  It was great.  The mother, Junia, calls us angels and has adopted us as the "padrinhos" (god-fathers) to her children, Tony, Yasmim, and Kamilly.  The mom wasn’t baptized yet but will be soon!  She has to stop smoking and drinking coffee, but she is progressing very well.
Baptism of Tony, Yasmim and Kamilly
We also started teaching another cool family.  The family is Carlos, Ivone, their grandaughter Fernanda, and their 24 dogs!  It’s funny to teach them because everyone has one or two dogs on their lap.  I've adopted my own, Mo.  He is small but jumps really high...high enough to get my white shirt and tie dirty when we walk in their door.
Ivone did a street contact with us.  She said, "Hey Elders, my daughter was baptized in your church and was married in the temple."  That doesn’t happen every day, so we made her a priority and visited her the next day.  The story of her daughter is sad.  Her husband left her and she became very depressed and in the depression fell away a little.   It’s been years since she’s been to church and has never been visited by any member.  Visits from members can make such a huge difference.  It's important to work and always look for opportunities to serve.  I read a scripture this morning and it is now my favorite:
"Now if a man desired to serve God, it was his privilege; or rather, if he believed in God it was his privilege to serve him;"--Alma 30:9
It’s a privilege for all of us to serve God.  King Benjamin taught that to serve God we need to serve our fellow men. Go to the rescue!
I love you!
Elder Marsh

My fun district 

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