Monday, July 14, 2014

Rough Week for Brazil

Well this week was rough for the Brazilian soccer fans.  There was a huge loss on Tuesday to Germany and we weren’t even allowed to leave our apartment afterwards.  

Practicing the circus skills
Elder Aguiar on the slack line


We had a way fun p-day though! We went to the Monteiros's house to play around a little.  Leonardo Monteiro is an 18 year old in our ward that does visits with us every week. He’s awesome.  He’s going to serve his mission in Boston starting in October.  He invited us over to his house which has lots of fun things.  We played on the slack line a little, went down a huge slide, played soccer barefoot on a grassy field and then played some ping pong.  After, they gave us cake and ice cream. It was a super relaxing day.   

Barefoot soccer
Every week I’m more and more grateful for growing up in the gospel.  We meet all types of people here and it’s so clear that the gospel blesses families.   We are teaching a family right now who are really nice and love us missionaries.  About a year ago they were living in a normal house and had everything that they needed, but now, the mom and 3 teenagers live in a one room house about the size of a suburban.    They're in this situation because the mom started to use drugs and alcohol.  I wish that missionaries had found them sooner.  Every commandment is really just a huge blessing. She is sober more than a week now and hopefully will be able to get a job again. 

The gospel really makes a difference though.  I’ve seen so many times the way that living the commandments and doing the right things can make changes for these people.  The Book of Mormon changes the lives of those who read it.  There is a recent convert in our ward who could never find peace in her life because her family was always being torn apart by drugs and other bad influences.  She now finds peace in sacrament meeting and praying and serving her family members.  

I love you and am so grateful to have such a great family.

Elder Marsh


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