Saturday, November 29, 2014

Crazy Week

We had a really, really busy week, starting with last Saturday Night. We have our p-days on Saturday which means we work from 6 to 9 Saturday nights.  A miracle happened in these three hours last week.  We visited an older member of the ward to ask for a glass of water and see if she had any referrals for us.  At first she said that she didn’t know anyone but told us about how she had been bringing her granddaughter, Geovana,  to church for the past year and was hoping that she could be baptized sometime soon.  Up until that point, Elder Bellini and I had thought that her granddaughter was already baptized, because she always was in sacrament meeting and participated in all the activities! We ran to Geovana's house and talked with her mom a little, who thought that it’d be a great thing for her daughter to be baptized!  We then invited Geovana to be baptized the next day, with Rafael, and she happily accepted!  We were so blessed. Geovana was already prepared by the primary organization and just needed a baptismal invitation!

We had transfers this week.  With these transfers, 13 new missionaries entered in our mission and 7 finished and went home.  We also had a Mission Leadership Council Meeting. There were a lot of things to do. We stayed really busy until Friday afternoon when we could finally return to our area to work a little. 

The tree looks great!  I love you,

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Elder Marsh

Geovana's Baptism

Rafael's baptism
 I bought you a Christmas Present today! Finally found a nativity set for you.  It's really Minas Gerais.  Our state's name means "General Mines" and the nativity set was made here out of right?!  

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