Saturday, November 15, 2014

First group of new Missionaries

Dear Mom,
This week was way fun.  We had a group of 3 Americans get their visas and come to Brazil.  It was the first time that I got to help with the training of the new missionaries.  What was cool is that Elder Bellini and I got to be the ones to tell them "how it is" in their new mission.  I got so pumped up to tell them about loving the people, teaching the gospel in a foreign country and helping the children of God be baptized.  The key is obedience, worthiness, hard work, and desire. If we have those things the Spirit will always be with us, and we will see the Lord’s hand in the work.  Afterwards, we were so excited to teach and talk with everyone that I literally felt like I was flying.  It’s seriously so fun to be a missionary.

That night we taught a man named Geraldo. He's a great guy and we talked to him at the perfect time in his life.  He accepted way well the first lesson and the baptismal invitation and is now reading the Book of Mormon every night at his job.  Someone saw him the other day with the Book of Mormon and asked him if he was "switching religions."  He said, "I'm thinking that I will.  Maybe you should come with me." He's so cool!  Yesterday we taught him about the word of wisdom and we found out that he smokes and drinks coffee.  We invited him to stop it and told him that he could call us up any time he needed to ask for help if he was tempted to smoke.  Last night we got a call at 10:30--right before we were going to bed.  Hhe told us, "Hey guys I just want to let you know that I'm staying strong! It’s not easy but I’m toughing it out!"   

I love the mission, 
Elder Marsh

Central Belo Horizonte
Elder Hatch, Elder Belini, Elder Bunch and I playing soccer on Pday

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