Monday, February 10, 2014

3 baptisms

This past week was seriously so awesome!  Elder Clark is ending his
mission in one of the best ways I can imagine.  We had a super packed
schedule these past three or four days.  We have been running in between
appointments at least 2 or three times a day.  I’m exhausted!

On Wednesday we went to a wedding.  A couple that Elder Clark has
been working with since he got here got married! Their names are
Luzimeire and Romareo.  It’s very rare that you get to see your
investigators get married, because the whole process takes 3 to 4
months in Mina Gerais.  Romareo was baptized on Saturday along with
Luzimeire's 9 year old son João Victor.  The baptism was really cool.
Luzimeirie’s family is one of the oldest active families in our ward.
Her brother is the ward mission leader, and her sister has an awesome
family with really active kids.  There were musical numbers by the
family members, and Luzimeire and her dad bore some really great
testimonies!  The spirit was really strong the whole time there.  I
wish you could have seen how happy all the family members were at the

Ygor also got baptized at the same time! His cousin Lucas gave a short
talk that was way good.  Ygor is super pumped about getting the
priesthood and doing his duty in the ward.  Another cool thing is that
since we’ve started working with Ygor and passing by his house and
Lucas’s house a lot, Lucas's older brother Tiago started going back to
church and now holds the office of priest!

Yesterday we were heading to Ygor’s house to teach him a little and
congratulate him.  We found him with 3 other young men who were still
in their white shirts and ties at 6 o’clock in the afternoon!  They
said "Hey, guess what?! We’ve been doing our visits just like you guys!"
They are so awesome!

My time is up so I have to go but I love you all! Happy birthday to
Mason and Anna!!!

Elder Marsh

Sorry I can’t put any pictures on the email.  It won’t work for some reason...

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