Monday, February 24, 2014

Tiring Week

Ok so I still haven’t gotten my pants back yet but it’s because the guy has his interview on Friday this week.  I don’t think he'll be a problem...

This week was super tiring.  I just want to sleep today so bad! I’m struggling to keep my eyes open.  We worked a lot this week trying to find new investigators and bringing old investigators back to church. We started teaching an awesome family again. Arlen and Fabiana have 7 kids and their house is crazy but it’s super fun.  This is the 3rd time that Fabiana has talked with missionaries so she knows a lot about the church already.  The most difficult thing with them is getting them to read the Book of Mormon because of their crazy schedule.  This past Saturday we were answering all the questions that they had about the church and its doctrine and she asked us, "Why don’t you missionaries teach us anything new? You always just talk about the Book of Mormon and prophets.  I want something that will change my family and help us grow."  I was a little frustrated and asked, "Have you read any of the Book of Mormon yet?"  "No"  And then Elder Oliveira and I taught about the Book of Mormon again haha. We promised them that if they read they would feel the power and it would truly help their family.  Fabiana read a little and she and three of her kids went to church yesterday. She promised that she would come back and would bring all her kids next week! The Book of Mormon is so important.  Learn to love the scriptures and you’ll start to see miracles in your life.
Also, everyone in this area thinks I’m least until I open my mouth and say a few words.  My skin must be getting a lot darker in this sun. It’s not super-hot here but the sun feels like a fire on my face when we’re walking in the street all day.

Elder Marsh

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