Monday, March 10, 2014

New Chapel

This week was another great one.  We have being working with an amazing family recently.  The family consists of Adilson (71) and his three sons Andre(10), Luis(7), and Kauan(5).  No, they aren’t his grandkids but his actual sons.  Adilson is a rock star investigator. He went to church the first time three Sundays ago with his neighbors, who have been inviting him for years.  He said that that Sunday he was lying in bed thinking,  "Should I go to church today?" when he heard a clear voice say, "Get up and  o."  He went and loved it.  The next Tuesday we went to his house and invited him and Andre to be baptized. They both accepted, but Adilson made it clear to Andre that it was a serious decision.  He first told Andre,  "You aren’t doing this for me, or the Elders. You’re doing this for God! So think about your answer."  Andre started reading the Book of Mormon a lot and reading all of the pamphlets.  What he wants most right now is to serve a mission in Spain when he turns 18.  Adilson had smoked cigarettes for over 50 years, but he went from a pack a day to one a day in 24 hours. That’s a miracle.  It did take him a while to stop smoking that one a day, but yesterday he and Andre were baptized.  The service was superb. Over 50 people went!

This week a new chapel opened up close to our area.  We spent 3 hours on Thursday and 5 hours on Saturday inviting people to the open house and giving tours.  The new church is awesome.  It’s two stories and has a soccer/basketball court. Everyone who visited was super impressed with the building and the organization of our church.

Today I got to play basketball for the first time in 6 months.  It wasn’t pretty but it was super fun.

I love you,

Elder Marsh

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