Monday, March 17, 2014

Work in Jardim Colonial

Mom, I know you’re worried about the pants....I got them back.

Chris, congrats on the "Get Out of Jail Free Card."  I’m glad you’re not going to have any points on your license.  (We had a court date this week for the ticket Chris received when totaling my car.  They dismissed the ticket when they saw our insurance took care of all the cars involved.)

This week was really busy.  We worked a lot every day.  Hours pass by like minutes when there’s so much to do.  I’ve really started to learn the importance of economizing time.   We've been traveling to a  faraway neighborhood every day this week called Jardim Colonial (Garden Colony). It’s a pretty awesome place.  All the houses and streets were constructed on super steep big hills.  There are a lot of members there but very few of them are active in the church.  It’s difficult for a lot of the families to pay for the bus toll to go to church Sunday morning.  There is an awesome family though that we visit every time we go there.  Irmã Dora and her family were the first people to get baptized there, and they are super firm in the church. They love to teach their friends about the church because the gospel changed their lives a ton.

I forgot to tell you about the talk that Romareo gave in church last week.  He was baptized about a month ago and this was his first talk ever, but he did an awesome job.  He made is look so natural, and then at the end he bore his testimony of the church and closed with, "I know these things are true because prophets don’t speak their own words but the words of God." It was pretty powerful at the  end! He’s going to do such great things in the church.

Unfortunately, Fabiana and Arlen and the family decided to stop investigating the church this week.  They were doing so well before! It hurt a lot to leave their house that night.  Random people turn into family because you learn to love them so much and just desire their eternal happiness more than anything else. Pray for them please.

Sorry I don’t have much to say this week--just a lot of normal missionary days.

Love you,
Elder Marsh

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