Monday, March 24, 2014

New Elder, New Apartment

Unfortunately our mission tour with Elder Gavarret was cancelled on Friday, but I think that it was rescheduled for April sometime.

We had a really interesting week though.  On Thursday night we got a call at 9:00 that we would need to go to the mission office in the morning to pick up a new missionary.  We are now in a trio with Elder Leite de Sousa.  He is from São Paulo and he’s way good.  He has a pretty interesting story of why he arrived on a Friday, a week before transfers.  The original plan was for him to enter into the mission field sometime in May, but this past Tuesday he got a call from his stake president telling him that President Fortunato wanted him in the mission field in two days.  Wow...that is pretty short notice right?  He said he accepted, quit his job, called his parents, and started packing.  Can you imagine how crazy that would be?!  He's really excited to be here though, and teaches very well.  Having three missionaries together at the same time is a blast.  Unfortunately, the change won’t be permanent.  We have transfers this next week and we are going to have a second companionship in our ward.  The work is going to explode here in Riberao das Neves!

In order to accommodate the two new missionaries, we had to move today.  I was so happy.  Our house was trashed.  Missionaries have been living there for years, and missionaries generally aren’t the cleanest of people.  We moved to an apartment on the second floor.  Luckily we had very little things to move.  Basically only a bunk bed, dresser, fridge, stove, washing machine, two desks, and two chairs.  I’m pretty exhausted though haha. My upper body strength is pretty pitiful.

We are working hard right now to find some new investigators.  We found an awesome family this week.  Samila, Henrique, and Olivia are sibling and are super open to the gospel.  They are all around 20 years old and could really help out the ward.

Our friend Ronaldo had a baptismal date this past weekend but it fell through because he won’t stop drinking coffee!  We have done everything we could but it’s not working out.  He says he’s not addicted but I think he almost cried when we tried to take the coffee out of his house.  Please pray for him to have the will power he needs.  Nothing can happen until he actually wants to change.

I love you,

Elder Marsh

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