Monday, April 7, 2014


We had a really great week.  I loved conference.  I watched it all in Portuguese which was an entirely new experience.  The spirit was strong even if I couldn’t take in everything that the speakers were saying.

My favorite talk was by Bishop Gary E. Stevenson.  He gave the sports analogy of the skeleton and bob  sled.  He talked about how the athletes prepare their whole life to compete for only four minutes.  He said, and I quote, "This life is your four minutes. While you are here, your actions will determine whether you win the prize of eternal life." End quote.  Wow right?!  Can you feel the sense of urgency?  I started thinking about the mission and the importance of giving all that I have right now.  There are millions of people out there who don’t even realize what’s at stake right now.  It’s our job as missionaries and members to let them know of the prize of eternal life.  I’m excited and reenergized after general conference.

We have been super blessed this past week with our investigators. This week has really shown me the power of the Book of Mormon.

We have two investigators name Rosaália and Enilda (mother and daughter).  Rosália recently lost her husband and then had a baby boy a little time after.  Needless to say, her life has been kind of crazy these past few months.  We started teaching them and gave them a Book of Mormon to read. We asked her to read and pray to know if it was true. Later she told us about the chapter she had read and asked us if "joy" could be an answer to her prayer?  She now reads the Book of Mormon often to find peace and joy in her life.  It’s been awesome to see this family grow!  They are so excited to learn more, and their whole attitude has changed in the past couple weeks.  The plan of salvation brought new light into their lives and they are already asking about how to get to the temple.

We also had an awesome experience yesterday morning before conference started.  We decided to try to teach some people in the morning because conference doesn’t start here until 1 in the afternoon.  At  10 we contacted a church headquarters referral.  We taught the first lesson to her and asked her if she would be baptized on the 19th of April.  She said, "Yes, what time!?" Haha That’s a response that every Elder wants to hear.

I love you all and hope everything is great,
Elder Marsh

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