Monday, April 28, 2014

So Much to Do

This week was pretty awesome.  We had some awesome miracles in our district.

We have an investigator named Debora who’s probably the most prepared and elect investigator that I’ve had on my mission.  She doesn’t break the Word or Wisdom and doesn’t have a problem with any of the commandments just because she wants to do what’s right. We have been teaching her since I got here in Lagoa, but she never had accepted a baptismal date.  This past week, we had interviews with President Fortunato.  He asked about our investigators and then gave us a little advice.  He told us, "Teach an Attribute of Christ, use inspired questions, listen, and then just invite her again."   We did just that. We prepared a lesson, brought a member, and asked the right questions.  The spirit was way strong when we invited her to be baptized on the 27th, and she accepted without hesitating.  The baptismal service went very well. She cried afterwards.  That afternoon she showed us her plan of action in the gospel.  "Be an example for my family so that I can bring them to the gospel and be with them forever." It went more detailed than that too.  I’m psyched for her and her family too.

Today I’m going to bake cookies for all of our investigators...pray that they’ll turn out.

Our district had 9 baptisms this past weekend!!  There are 3 companionships.  It was really exciting and a lot of hard work getting everyone ready for their baptisms.

We had a cool experience on Saturday too.  I got called to be district leader a couple weeks ago so that means I get to interview the investigators before they get baptized.  The sister missionaries in our district had 3 baptisms for this past weekend that I was supposed to interview in their chapel, but in the last minute one of the investigators got sick and couldn’t make the walk to the chapel.  Not a problem; if she can’t come to us, we'll go to her. We went to their house, and I started to interview the people.  While I was doing the interviews, Elder Queiroz saw that there was another daughter in the family who was not going to be interviewed.  He asked her why and she explained that she was a little nervous and stuff.  He convinced her to just have an interview. I talked to her and saw that she was ready to be baptized too, and at the end invited her to be baptized the next day with her family.  She accepted!  Everything happens for a reason in the gospel. If the one investigator hadn’t gotten sick, one person wouldn’t have been baptized.  That’s a miracle for sure.

I love the church and this work.


Elder Marsh

MOM.  Congrats at Boston! That sounded like a crazy race, but you pulled it off.

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