Monday, October 20, 2014

Good Stuff

Things are heating up in Belo Horizonte.  There have been record highs this past week and we are in a pretty serious drought.  I figured out why God gave us eyebrows...they’re to keep the sweat on your forehead from dripping into your eyes. Yeah, I sweated a lot this week.

We had another miracle happen on Wednesday.  Every Sunday we get a list of less active members to visit.  We were trying to visit a family who had gone inactive a few years ago but no one knew why.  When we knocked on the door we were greeted by lots of little kids.  We went in and started talking to the father.  His wife was a firm member of the church, but died suddenly from some health problems she had. We could see that he was discouraged and a little run down.  Working and taking care of 5 little kids is not easy for him.  We talked for a while, the spirit was strong, and he decided that he would start taking his kids to church the way his wife always had. He needs the gospel so bad. His daughter was baptized yesterday and he was so proud and happy with the decision she made.  He should be baptized shortly as well. 

I'm so happy with the members here in Progresso.  Real growth in the church comes because of the members, not because of the missionaries.  Our ward is a little small but the members are firm in their callings and testimonies.  Last week the young woman’s president, Shirley, visited some less active girls and then brought them to church on Sunday.  We went to visit the family and found out that their mom and brother weren’t members.  The whole family went to church yesterday and now wants to be baptized as well!  All of this because Shirley wanted to fulfill her calling.  I love it. 

Today has already been awesome!  I met Elder Dunford’s parents! They came and said hello when we were studying.  I was so happy. I love Elder Dunford, and it was so good to meet his parents.  

I love you,

Elder Marsh


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