Monday, October 13, 2014

Sweet Week


Baptism of Yola with Elder Marsh, Bravo and Sisters Amado and Holmes

This week was so awesome--just full of miracles.  First, Elder Bravo and I had a way cool experience baptizing the Sisters' investigator in our zone.  Her name is Yola, and she's Daniel's (The awesome ward mission leader from my last area) grandmother.  We participated in her baptism because she is Bolivian and only speaks Spanish, so Elder Bravo taught her most of what she needed for her to be baptized.  It's interesting because since her daughter and Daniel where baptized, she had always been very against the church.  She was very Catholic for her whole life and didn’t want to accept a new religion.  But since she has been in a wheel chair and completely dependent on her daughter, she has been going to church.  Her heart was softened and she decided to be baptized!  She is 83 years old and doesn’t walk, so Elder Bravo and I baptized her together.  I held her above the water in my arms while Elder Bravo said the prayer, and then we lowered her into the water.  It was really a spiritual experience, and it was way fun to work together with other missionaries in our zone. The Sisters in the picture are Sister Amado and Sister Holmes.  Sister Amado finishes her mission this week, and it definitely ended on a good note. 

Baptism of Marcos

 We were super blessed in our area too.  On Wednesday night we were heading back home and passed Marcos' Barber Shop.  I had been told that he had already been to church a few times and had received all the lessons but wasn’t baptized.  After walking a few steps down the street, I felt the impression that we should go back and talk to Marcos.  He welcomed us in and we talked about the gospel.  At the end Elder Bravo invited him to be baptized Sunday, and he accepted saying, "It'll be so good to be clean."  Awesome!

I love you,

Elder Marsh

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