Saturday, January 24, 2015


What a busy week!!!

I'm so tired!  We did 4 7 hour zone conferences this week and then went on splits with the elders in the zones we went to.  GOOD STUFF!!  On Tuesday we were in "Sete Lagoas" (Seven Lakes) and I went on splits with an awesome missionary named Elder Molinaro.  We found out that he had lived in dorm right above mine while we were at BYU.  Crazy!  We lived super close to each other, but I had never met him before.  The time we spent together was awesome!!!! Every conference that we are doing we talk about the importance of teaching the people by following the spirit and asking inspired questions.  It’s probably one of the most important things we need to do in order for the people to feel conversion and the importance of the Book of Mormon, The Church of Jesus Christ, baptism, etc. in their own lives.  Elder Molinaro and I totally applied it in the 3 hours we spent together and had some awesome results.  The only appointment he had in the time fell through, but we kept looking and talked with everyone in the street until we found a few people to let us in. In the end, we taught 4 lessons and found 2 new investigators who had already been to church before and had just never been invited to be baptized...the Lord is so gracious.  The last lesson of the night was the greatest though.  It was a man and his daughter that live behind the chapel and have just had problems accepting a baptismal date.  We conversed about the plan of salvation and I could tell that he knew that the church was true and wanted to be baptized.  I asked him, "Why aren’t you baptized yet?"  And he responded, "I don’t feel worthy yet because I used to drink and smoke."  Elder Molinaro came in and said, "When we look at you, we don’t see who you were, and neither does Christ.  He sees you dressed in white being baptized with your daughter. He sees you leading your family to the celestial kingdom." He looked at the ground and thought for a little and then accepted a baptismal date.  It was a good feeling during the lesson.

I love being a missionary.

Elder Marsh

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