Saturday, January 10, 2015

This week

I like the photos!  It sounds like things are going great back home…keep it up mom, you’re awesome.

This week was really busy.  Seven new missionaries got here in the mission, (we got 4 new Elders that are giants.  All 6'3" or taller.) and 11 finished their mission and went home, including my companion Elder Bellini.  My new companion is Elder Bruxel!  He's a way good Elder from Rio Grande do Sul, and we're already seeing miracles together!  He took my place in "Lagoa" when I was transferred from there, so we have had some similar experiences.  This is his last transfer in the mission and I'm sure it's going to be powerful.

Last night was awesome.  This whole week we had only had about 2 hours of proselyting Monday through Thursday, so I was dying to get out into the field.  Yesterday we got to the office early to finish up everything that we needed to do before lunch, and then we headed out to teach everyone that we could.  It was a fun day because we found a lot of people at home to teach, but there weren’t very many interesting in becoming members of The Church of Jesus Christ.  But in our last lesson we found the person that we had been searching for and the person that God had prepared for us!  We taught a less active family and invited them back to church. They accepted, and their non-member daughter accepted to be baptized!  I love it!  It's the greatest thing in the world when the Lord blesses us to "come off conqueror".  This gospel is so good.

Next week we will start the zone conferences.  I'm excited to see all the missionaries again and to get to know the whole mission area.  It’s going to be a good time.

Love you all,

Elder Marsh
Belo Horizonte AP Apartment (not too bad!)

Elder Bruxel coming, Elder Bellini going and Elder Marsh staying.

Brazilian wildlife--Coati

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