Saturday, January 31, 2015


This week was super fun!  The conferences ended yesterday with a trip to Montes Claros.  It’s the longest zone (8 hours on a bus)  from Belo Horizonte so we went by plane! Pretty cool right?  

The conferences were great. It’s great to see how inspired President is for our mission. In every zone he talked about different things depending on what the missionaries were needing.  He even asked every missionary to write down questions they had about the work or their area or their investigators and promised them that all the questions would be responded. All of them were in all the zones. It’s a miracle really. I love seeing miracles.

This week we are working a lot with Ailton and Silvana's daughter, Pamila!  She didn’t really want to hear the messages with her parents but after their baptisms she has really started to open up. She likes the Book of Mormon and is close to receiving an answer I think!  We are hoping that Ailton will be able to baptize her next Saturday!  

Good things are happening here!

Elder Marsh

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