Monday, February 9, 2015

Late Email

So my email is coming two days late due to the fact that I turned yellow last week!  Yeah, so I found out that I have "Gilbert’s Syndrome" where I turn a yellowish color if I get sick or stressed.

Last week was a great one.  We had an awesome leadership council meeting about desire and focus, which was seriously powerful.  Here’s the summary: We get what we desire most!  I love how President Fortunato is so able to help us missionaries be better every time we meet with him.  He's super humble but understands the potential that we have to be the best we can.

The day after, Elder Bruxel and I went on splits with missionaries in Riberão das Neves. We were really blessed and found some new investigators there and also put a baptismal date on a very old investigator for this last Saturday!  It was an awesome time until that afternoon when I started getting a little sick. I ended up throwing up in the middle of the first lesson, right when I was explaining the importance of prophets! Luckily I made it to the investigator’s bathroom in time. I ended up spending Saturday and Sunday in the hospital because the doctors thought something was wrong with my liver, but there wasn’t, and I'm perfectly fine.  Missionaries are basically protected by the hand of God at all times!

I have just a little bit of time to write today, but I love you lots!

Elder Marsh

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