Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Companion!

Dear Mom,

This week was a great one. We were busy with transfers, but in the end, after 4 trips to the airport, we brought all the new missionaries to the field and all the oldest ones were taken to the airport to be shipped home! Elder Bruxel was one of them, and it was super sad to see him leave. He had some mixed feelings, but he seemed happy to be going home and starting some new things in his life.

I got a new companion! He's a Texan named Elder Juergens, and he's super cool. He was already the financial secretary for 9 months and has come back to the office for his last 4! He's going to spend more time in the office than in the field by the end of his mission. He's awesome and extremely excited about missionary work. The zone that he was taking care of before he came to the office was going really well, and the missionaries loved him.  For sure he's going to help the mission achieve its goals. I'm stoked to be his companion now!

A lot of things changed this week in the mission, but unfortunately we didn’t have much time to work in our area and teach a lot of people. We still do lots of street contacts wherever we go, and it’s fun to find people who are willing to listen all over the place whether it be in taxis, at the bus station, airport, restaurant, elevator, etc.! 

Try to stay warm in the sub zero temperatures there! It’s nice and warm in Brazil!

Elder Marsh
Elder Marsh and Elder Juergens

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