Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Dear Mom,

Happy Valentines Day! Happy birthday to Mason and Anna too! Anna congratulations for swimming prs!
Elder Bruxel and Elder Marsh on Hike 

I'm super healthy now! We spent the whole week working and traveling in the mission, so I'm basically feeling awesome. After getting a little bit of sun, my yellowish color quickly turned to red burnt color which is a little more natural looking. You talked to Elder Bunch when you called the office. He was the perfect person to talk to, since he stayed in the hospital with me the whole time. They actually thought it was my gall bladder, but after doing an ultrasound (I thought that was just for pregnant ladies) and some other tests they assured me I was fine.

This week was super fun! We went on four splits. We're trying to finish up Elder Bruxel's mission with power!  He goes home next week but hasnt really said anything about what he's going to do next. Way focused.

We went to three areas outside of the center of the city Guarani, Floresta, and Nova Serrana.  Guarani and Floresta are neighborhoods in the suburbs of BH, but Nova Serrana is a city that’s about 2 and a half hours from here that has many shoe factories. The church was opened there last July and already has more that 60 people attending the sacrament meetings! We had a great time there! The Elders had been having a hard time teaching people in the afternoon before 5 o’clock because "all the men in the city were in the factories." President has been talking lately about the importance of referrals, so Elder Bruxel and I made some plans for the day.  We took some Liahona magazines and pamphlets so that Elder Bruxel with one of the other Elders could put up a table in front of the "chapel" (It’s a one room shop with chairs and a awesome) and do street contacts in the afternoon. They ended up setting baptismal dates for 2 people that stopped to listen to them and learn about the church! The other Elder and I went looking for people to teach. I didn’t buy it that literally NO ONE was at home so to find the men at home we asked everyone in the street to point us to the houses that had men at home that would want a message. We ended up finding three lessons to teach and 2 people accepted a baptismal date! One lady told us that she had already been to the church and loved it! Referrals are so important. I have no doubt that the Lord blesses us when we work the way that He asks us too!

I love you,

Elder Marsh

Hiking on Pday 

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