Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Conference


December 23, 2013
This week passed by so quickly!  We had our Christmas Conference this Tuesday which was way fun.  Everyone in the mission was there so I got to see Elder Lutz and Elder Galvao again.  They were both in my mtc district.  Sister Fortunato put together an awesome presentation with lots of the Elders and Sisters. There was a choir and a few soloists.  Our mission has some awesome musical talent!  At the end, all the missionaries sang the efy melody together and that was way powerful too. Our mission president is awesome.  He is a very spiritual and very powerful guy. He always says the same thing when he starts to talk to the missionaries, "Que privilegio Elderes e Sisteres" He talked to us about the importance of service and remembering our Savior Jesus Christ during this time of the year.  Then we ate super good food and took lots of pictures.  Basically everything about the conference was great. 
Christmas Conference with Elder Lutz
This week we found a tiny gecko lizard thing in our house.  He was pretty fun to  have around but we decided to set him free. 

Gecko friend
This week we were teaching a less active member and her family.  She was baptized 3 years ago but has been less active for a while.  Her husband isn’t a member so she would always go to church with her son Tiago who is 14 now.  We asked her if her son had been baptized, but she couldn’t remember, so she called to him in the other room,  "Tiago, did you get baptized??" "I don’t know mom!"  Then she thought a second and asked, "Well...did you ever get into that little pool at the church?!"  "Yeah!"  I thought that was pretty funny.  
The work is good right now.  People are even more willing to hear about Christ during this time of year!

Feliz Natal. I was reading 2 Nephi 25 in my personal study today.  It’s such a great chapter about Christ.  I love the Savior and I know he really does live and can change people’s lives.  This church is so true!

Elder Marsh

Christmas Conference with Elder Lopez

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