Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Brazil

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I hope everything went well. Christmas in Brazil was pretty awesome.  We wanted to do something special Christmas day for our investigators and the members that help us out a lot.  Mom sent me some chocolate chips so I started planning how we would make cookies for these people.  I was excited for days to bake them up and then make Christmas deliveries like we do at home. On Christmas Eve I started mixing everything together.  I ran into a few problems...It turns out that I’m not as great of a baker as I thought I was.  Without all the luxuries that I have at home
(measuring cups, mixer, preset oven, MOM) I’m pretty much useless in the kitchen.  The first batch was a little ended up looking like a giant cookie cake that was burnt on the bottom.  I added more flour. The oven was still too hot so that didn’t work out either.  I decided to add more sugar and turn down the oven.  I took a shower and forgot about those....Finally after three awful batches we made cookies that didn’t look too bad.  We didn’t want to try any of them because there were only 6 so we put them on a plate, wrapped them in saran wrap, put a bow on top, and just went to bed.  We delivered them Christmas morning to one family that helps us out a lot.  They weren’t home so we wrote a note and shoved the plate into the mail box. It was a lot of hard work to make that plate of cookies!  The family told us a few days later that they enjoyed them though!  It was a Christmas Miracle!

Talking to mom and dad on Christmas day was awesome.  It was definitely the fastest 40 minutes of my life.  I think I pretty much talked the whole time because I didn’t really get to learn anything new about my family.  The time passed by like a dream.  It was great to see everyone so happy and bundled up.  I miss them a lot!  But hey it’s only 5 more months until Mother’s Day!

This week was really good for our missionary work too.  We worked a lot with the less active members and ended up finding some new investigators through that.  Some people were full of Christmas spirit and happy to see us missionaries. A couple families just invited us in and offered us cake and soda without even asking who we were or what we were doing knocking on their door!

We had a pretty funny experience on Saturday.  We got a referral to teach a brother and a sister who are about 23 years old.  They are basically Brazilian hippies.  They talk super low, way slow, and say "cara" a lot. (“Cara” is like saying “Dude”)  We taught them the restoration.  After we quoted Joseph Smith’s first vision, the Sister, Malu, responded,  "That's crazy..." We started laughing and showed them our "proof" that it was true, The Book of Mormon.  They both like to read and accepted Maroni’s challenge.  As we were leaving they said, "Thanks Mormons, we needed to get a little closer to God."  That was a fun lesson.

Also, Anderson Silva broke his leg in a fight Saturday night! Everyone is talking about it and they’re pretty down about it. It’s kind of sad actually.

I hope Christmas was great for everyone else as well!

Elder Marsh

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