Monday, December 16, 2013

The Six "D"s

The mission is the most stressful thing I've ever done.  It's like finals week back to back to back...I'm losing hair!These are the things I think about all day everyday: What do we need to do to find new investigators?  What do they need to accept a baptismal date?  What do they need to stay firm until they are confirmed a member of the church?  I find myself praying all the time for help...we need prayer! 

We recently started to teach a mother and her 6 children. It’s unusual to find families with lots of children these days in Brazil.  Most people only want 1 or 2 max.  This family moved here recently from a little town in Rio Grande de Norte.  They are really funny.  The kids all have names starting with "D".  Dalliane, Daniel, Danielle, Denis, Debora, Diego.  It took me a few days to memorize all those names.  They live about 100 feet from our front door. We found them because the husband of Dalliane, Rodolfo, asked us for a Book a Mormon.  He’s a less active member from Rio Grande de Norte also.  They went to church yesterday and really liked it.  We have taught them about 3 times now and still haven’t gotten through the first lesson!  They love to talk.  Tonight we're going to watch the Restoration movie with them.  We think the kids would like to watch a movie, and it’s a powerful video.  Pray for this family please!  The mom, Rosangela, smokes a lot and will need some help to quit.

Thanks for all the letters!  I love reading them and so does Elder Lopes.

Elder Marsh

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