Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey Day

December 2, 2013

Hey! The first card of Christmas was great.  The "I am the light of the World" Christmas tree is now on the wall.  Elder Lopes liked his card too!  I translated English to Portuguese for him...I think he understood. 

This weekend we had stake conference.  It was a bit of a different experience.  Our president of the Contagem Stake is "bravo."  He gave power talks.  Saturday night he talked about the importance of institute.  He said, "If you’re less than thirty years old, married or unmarried, work or don't work, and you don’t attend institute...In the name of Jesus Christ, I call you to repentance." Heads just dropped in the church! Then he talked about the importance of having a temple recommend.  He said, "There are some of you here that jokingly just ask for a signature on your temple recommend.  I don’t think that’s funny.  You should be coming to me asking for an interview to prove that you are worthy to enter the house of the Lord!"  It was sweet.  He testified that being worthy of a temple recommend would certify the spiritual strength we need to face challenges in our life.  The Sunday morning session was a lot about missionary work.  Our first counselor of the Belo Horizonte Mission, President Montero, gave a talk about never giving up on teaching family members and friends about the church and promised that one day our diligence in missionary work would bring great rewards in their lives and ours. Overall, it was a really cool experience.  The stake center was packed and the spirit was super strong.  
Jordan and Brazilian graffiti  

The man in the two pictures is a new investigator that we have.  His name is Roberto.  At first look, you’d think he’s a little strange...he is.  But he’s also really cool and way interested in the gospel.  Last week he came to church all on his own.  He said he had been going to church for a while in another city but when he moved he couldn’t find a church building. After some searching, he found it and just decided to come.  He came just for sacrament and sat in the back.  Elder Lopes and I saw him and thought, "Who is that guy?" After church we talked to him and he asked US if he could be baptized! Another miracle.  Now he’s living the word of wisdom and all the other commandments! I'm noticing more and more how much the Lord blesses us and our work.  It’s seriously amazing. 

Elder Lopez and Roberto
Elder Marsh and Roberto

Thanksgiving looked awesome.  Not much of a celebration here but we did see a man walking a HUGE turkey in the street.
This church is true.  The Book of Mormon is a bigger blessing than I could have ever imagined. 

 Love Elder Marsh,

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