Saturday, April 11, 2015

CRAZY week

Dear Mom,

I loved conference weekend. It always seems to come at the time that we need it most. My favorite talk was from President Monson in the Priesthood session. He said something very powerful: "Doing all I can, to the very best of my ability, has been my goal in any position I have ever held." Is that how one becomes a prophet? It sounds like it. The constant and consistent dedication for a lifetime of God's work must bring the spirituality he needs. 

This week was way good but also very very eventful. Presidente Fortunato was called to be an area 70! He is about to get even busier with his combined responsibilities! He was in Utah the whole week of general conference and came back to mission on Tuesday night. That same night we had to call the mission about transfers. That’s fun because we tell the missionaries when they'll be transferred at 9 o’clock pm and they have to be in the central bus station at 8 o’clock am...they get pretty anxious to know what will happen the next day.  This transfer we got 9 new missionaries and 19 went home! That was a lot of people and we had to go to and from the airport 5 times to get the new missionaries and send off the olds (that meant waking up at 4 am two days in a row so that they didn’t miss their flights and eating pizza for lunch and dinner for two days, because we didn’t have time to go to members homes). I love the mission! It’s crazy at times but always fun.

Elder Bunch left the office to become a zone leader on Wednesday. It was sad because we've gotten pretty close. We served for a transfer in Lagoa together and then served here in the office for 5 months! He's a great friend and an awesome example. He'll see miracles in his new area!

Izabel was baptized and is so stoked about it! She is telling all of her friends about the church and we'll be getting some referrals soon. Her baptism was such a miracle. I could hardly believe it when we entered into the font together. 

I love you so much.

Elder Marsh

We went to a Brazilian photography exhibition from the 1940s today.  Hope you don't mind but I spent some money buying some Brazilian things that are pretty cool.  Here are some pictures.

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