Saturday, April 18, 2015

Que Bencao

We got some really awesome news this week! Do you remember Graça, who was baptized in the end of December, when I was here with Elder Bellini? Well, when we were in the process of teaching her, she had broken her shoulder, and the doctors had told her that she was going to need surgery to get it fixed. (Something about how the ligaments had stretched out, and because of her old age, they were no longer able to hold her arm into place.) She was very worried about this and told us that she only wanted to be baptized after her surgery. We felt impressed to tell her that if she was baptized, she would no longer need surgery and that she would be healed. So she took a leap of faith and was baptized. Now after a few months, she said to us this week, "Remember what you had promised me before I was baptized? Well I went to the doctor, and he gave a definite answer about the surgery. He said that I would no longer need it because the arm had healed itself sufficiently!" I am so grateful for the Lord keeping the promise that we had made.

The mission leadership council meeting was this week and it was one of the greatest we have had yet. President Fortunato had asked us to prepare our trainings about teaching techniques, and we had prepared them. But the morning of the council, President asked us to change and talk about focus and hard work, and to hear the missionaries as much as possible. He is an inspired man. The missionaries really opened up, and we had some spiritual experiences talking about how hard work really does make the difference. We made some awesome goals together, and we could just feel the power in the room. President said at one point, "Look Elders. Your calling starts when it begins and only ends when it's over!" Maybe that’s obvious, but it was a great reminder for us all to endure to the end in any calling or situation!

I love you so much, and the mission is just great. The elders that serve with us are amazing examples, and President and Sister Fortunato are truly inspired.I am ataching two pages that Izabel(baptized 2 weeks ago) wrote bearing her testamony. Its actually very touching. See if dad can translate it for you. If not, let me know and I can type it up in English.

Elder Marsh

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