Saturday, April 4, 2015

General Conference

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the pictures! I love seeing the family together. It looks way fun! When does Ryan leave? And who is that next to Chris in the picture? If you start building a house, when would it be ready?!

This week was so awesome! So full of miracles! First of all, we got a new group of 9 missionaries on the mission! I love getting new missionaries because they are always so stoked to be here and their only desire is to help others come unto Christ through baptism!

Elder Juergen and I talked to our bishop this week and he asked us to start working more in the center of the city. It was kind of difficult at first because everyone is so busy so street contacts weren’t working out.   There really aren’t many members of the church who live here, so we changed our approach. The main problem is getting into the large buildings, but we can get into one...ours! and ours has 5 thousand people living in it! We started knocking on our neighbor’s doors and giving them pass along cards as an "Easter Present." Most of them love it! Our building is full of Brazilian hippies and foreigners.  We taught a guy from New Zealand named Steve who told us all about how his religion was playing cricket...? It was fun but he was not interested. But we actually ended up finding a super elect lady on our floor who will be baptized tomorrow! Her name is Izabel, and she told us that she has been waiting for missionaries to find her her whole life. It’s so awesome! She makes amazing summaries of the chapters of the Book of Mormon after she reads them 4 or 5 times so she can remember. I don’t know if I have ever taught someone who is so ready. I know that the Lord is at the front of this work and that he prepares his children. The work that we have to do is find those that are ready. 

Also, we started a mission Journal! I'll send you an attachment.

Lets get ready for conference! I love you mom,

Elder Marsh

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